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  CNN    Around the World    News/Business. Suzanne Malveaux and Michael Holmes  
   bring updates of the latest news around the world. New.  

    March 22, 2013
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hello everyone. welcome to "around the world." i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. thanks for being with us. we'd like to welcome our viewers here in the u.s. and indeed around the world. >> let's begin in jordan. there president obama meets with king abdullah as the president winds up his trip to the middle east. >> the two leaders are scheduled to hold a news conference, actually that's meant to take place pretty soon. we'll be listening in of course and update you on the latest developments. out of jordan of course an important strategic ally for the u.s. and partner in the region. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today apologized to turkey for a 2010 commando raid on a flotilla bound for gaza. eight turks were killed in that attack. >> the israeli leader apparently phoned the turkish prime minister during a meeting with president obama. this is a pretty significant development. it comes from two senior administration officials.
prime minister netanyahu apologizing for what happened and admitting to operational mistakes, apparently relations are going to be normalized now. in egypt hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside cairo headquarters of the muslim brotherhood today. they through molotov cocktails as police surrounded the building. >> state-run nile television says supporters of the muslim brotherhood hold a counterdemonstration. the police there acting as a buffer. and big decisions, tough dilemmas. cyprus says the next few hours will be crucial. >> that's right. the island nation trying to save its very banking system. lawmakers will are working on a new proposal to raise money for a bailout. >> the deal can't come soon enough for cypriots. banks have been closed all week as cyprus sorts out its financial mess. for many people the situation really is pretty dire. >> think about what would you do if you didn't have any cash? and you didn't have a credit card and didn't have a debit card and things like that. nick paton walsh has a story now
of a russian maid caught up in this mess. >> reporter: a russian single mother taught herself greek just to get work in an upscale hotel has always lived on a budget, but never like this. she has no atm card, so closed banks mean there's no more money now for food. here, how much is left in her purse for her family to live off. >> translator: not even five euros. i took a loan from friends to get through the weekend, but i don't know when the banks open again. my son gets paid tomorrow, with a check, but he can't cash it anywhere. we have money, but can't get at it. maybe even for a week. >> reporter: her eldest two have grown and work to pay for school, but little elena always has questions. >> translator: mom, what will we do now, she asks. at school even the little ones talk. she hears stuff in school and that's a problem. i can't put adult problems on a
baby's shoulder. i explain, i say we can get through this. we will wait and something good, i believe, will come of this. i feel hopeless. fear, not just for my future, but for the future of my children. what can we do? >> across nicosia there is that sense that places like this normally bustling now barren and empty. so many cypriots waking up to hear the solutions the government offered day before have now been cast aside. during thursday grew with atms, gas station asked only for cash, stops stayed shutter, panic built. a two-year's work for her, her savings, not smnl e something she can even lose 2% of. >> translator: i feel like it's a million because i worked for it, sweat for it, i saved this money. it's desperation that grips your soul. a desperate situation.
and you cannot find your way out. >> she jokes her life is like a fairy tale. it gets scarier the longer it goes on. nick paton walsh, cnn, nicosia. >> world markets are waiting and watching all this unfold. >> we have reporters in cyprus and here in the u.s. tracking the latest developments. let's bring in our jim bolden who is in nicosia and zain asher in new york. >> i wish i could tell you plan b is being debated here in the parliament, but i walked into the chamber itself and there's nobody in there. six hours ago they started to debate these bills to try to fix the financial system, but the talks are still going on behind the scenes. we still haven't heard whether europe will agree to anything that cyprus is trying to come up with. so plan b has not been agreed to. as we know the money will be cut off from the banks on monday. they're supposed to open again on tuesday.
there's still no plan. it's now the sun going down on friday night, people are at the gate protesting to find out what parliament's going to do, guys, and they still don't have a plan we can tell you about. >> extraordinary. zain, i want to bring you in and talk about the markets. the europe markets were up earlier. i think they ended up on the day. american markets, they seem to be shaking it off. but what would it take for that situation to change? >> okay. well basically if that situation would change, basically we'd have to see this rippling out to other countries. if deposited in periphery countries, like spain, and did a run on the bank, obviously the global economy would be in jeopardy and that obviously includes u.s. markets. naturally europe is one of our biggest trading partners. but for now investors don't seem to be too stressed. it is a very tiny country. it doesn't have the same impact like say france or germany. plus, we have seen a huge rally in the stock market since the start of the year. major averages up 7% to 10%.
you know, it would take a lot to change that. michael. >> be half up on the day already. >> right. and of course big frustration, people can't get to their money from the banks. but then, jim, maybe you have some encouragement. any sign perhaps banks will reopen as early as tuesday perhaps? >> that can only happen if there's an agreement here to save the banks. the restructure, shutdown, whatever you want to call it. and reorganize these banks and europe says, okay, we'll allow the european central bank, think of that like the federal reserve, putting money into these banks just to keep them alive for a few more weeks. the federal reserve of the european central bank says we will shut that money off come monday night. so it's really, really tight. people simply aren't able to do day-to-day operations because they can't get access to the money. as we were hearing earlier taxi driver telling me they just want five or ten euros, no change, and rounding things up to get bills in their hands. they're not giving change because they need to keep that money as much as they can get their hands on.
>> right. z zain, too from american standpoint, we have americans with us of course, what happens in europe matters in the united states. europe's the biggest trading partner. it's all interconnected now. >> yeah. absolutely. there are huge protests in the streets just to show you how people are riled up. but emphasize this could never happen in the u.s. the fdic insures deposits. in cyprus they have guarantees as well but willing to override the law because of the dire straits they're in. the u.s. has the authority to borrow money or literally print money. in cyprus it's not that simple because they're part of the eurozone. so they don't have that kind of economy. they have to lean on the shoulders of the ecb. it does seem to be relatively contained over there. >> zain, jim, thanks so much to both of you. appreciate it. >> heers more here's more of what we're working on this hour for "around the world."
a mexican politician we're going to show you now. she's saying she was not a former pole girl. >> she only worked as a model and posed in lingerie as a favor for a friend. >> also a nude baby picture of the universe from billions of years ago. >> then what scientists are learning from this very amazing photograph. >> very beautiful. and even the pope has to get things in order now. >> one thing he can check off his list now, canceling his newspaper subscription. [ female announcer ] born from the sweet monk fruit, something this delicious could only come from nature. discover nectresse™. the 100%-natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. nectresse™. sweetness naturally. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. welcome back everyone. stories making news around the world right now. >> u.s. officials now believe that chemical weapons were not used in syria. animals may have been exposed to something like chlorine but nothing in a weaponized form. >> the u.n. still going to investigate. a military official meanwhile telling cnn that the video you're seeing there of syrians in hospital was reviewed. it does not appear to those people that the symptoms or treatments matched the use of chemical weapons. the united nations still looking into this as well.
>> onto france now. a judge has put nicholas sarkozy under formal investigation for breach of trust accused of taking advantage of lo real cosmetics. >> the judge summoned him to his office in bordeaux. we have a picture there of him actually leaving the courthouse. he's in the back of the car. sarkozy denies taking or asking for any illegal campaign funding from her. the pope is making news for canceling his newspaper subscription. something a lot of people can identify with, but he's the pope. >> yeah, he is. apparently what he did is he personally called the owner of a newspaper kiosk and said stop the subscription. at first the kiosk owner thought it was a joke, but then he realized he really was on the other end of the phone and said he broke down into tears of emotion. >> i guess some subscriptions
only the subscriber can cancel. >> exactly. when he was voted he went back to the hotel and paid his hotel bill. >> totally hands on. >> man of the people. all right. president barack obama wrapping up his trip to israel and visiting another important u.s. ally in the region. >> very important ally. he's meeting right now with jordan's king abdullah. jordan's a key military and intelligence partner of the u.s. we're listening in to the news conference that is expected to begin soon. and we'll bring you the latest developme development. >> earlier today the president visited cultural and religious sites in the west bank town of b be bethlehem. >> the memorial is a reminder of the horror, but also a symbol of hope. >> here alongside man's capacity for evil we are also reminded of
man's capacity for good. the rescuers righteous among nations who refuse to be bystanders and no lacks of courage we see how this place, this accounting of horror is in the end a source of hope. for here we learn that we are never powerless. in our lives we always have choices. to succumb to our worst insti t instincts or summon the angels for our better nature. >> it's the last stop on the trip. >> jordan is a close ally and importantly a strategic partner. you can see why it's so important with its location between israel and the palestinian territories also iraq and syria on its borders. >> our jessica yellin is traveling with the president in amman. so jessica with all the turmoil in the region, how important is it for the u.s. to shore up its relationship with jordan? >> hi, fredricka. well, you know, the u.s. does as
you said have a strong relationship with jordan. what's needed here is a show of support for the king. jordan as you say shares a border with syria. and for that reason has taken in close to 400,000 syrian refugees since the conflict began there. that's about 7,000 a day. now, with fears of chemical weapons used, they clearly have an enormous interest in ending the crisis there. that will be on the agenda while the president is holding this talk with the king. king abdullah is among the few royals still standing after the arab spring, but under enormous kplit kal pressure and economic pressure, it was made worse when an interview with a u.s. magazine he described his own country's tribal leaders as dinosaurs. he needs the president's support, especially financial support and this visit by the u.s. president, by president obama, really is a helpful one, should be for king abdullah. we'll see when they come out shortly the president running slightly behind schedule because his helicopter was grounded by a dust storm. so he had to drive instead.
he started his visit here by apologizing for being laid e late. >> a heck of a sandstorm. he had to drive to bethlehem. you mentioned it's an important point that jordan escaped the uprisings of the arab spring but that by no means means it does not have its own disdain bubbling underneath. you have the flood of refugees from syria and as you alluded to there, a very bad economy. yet they are crucial in terms of strategic alliances with the united states. how much pressure is king abdullah under domestically? and what's the risk of that to the united states? >> he's under as you well know enormous pressure from various factions in the country including the fact that there's a large palestinian population, a growing refugee population. if there should be a chemical weapons attack in syria, there is a very real fear that there could be a massive flood of many
more refugees that would simply destabilize the country. they would not have the resources to handle it. so i should point out this is a country with no oil. and they have strained resources. and they're getting less funding from other arab states than they previously did before the arab spring rush across this region. so add that to the unrest post-arab spring and the fears i mention from syria, these are very turbulent times for jordan's king. this is a crucial ally for the u.s. in the region. and also a peace partner with israel. they have a peace treaty. and this country would be a crucial partner in any peace negotiations between israel and the palestinian state. so a very important partner for the u.s. as well. that's one reason the president was certain to make a stop here while he was in the area before returning home. michael. >> and a lot bubbling along underneath. a tough neighborhood. jessica, good to see you there, jessica yellin.
>> thanks. this young lady we're about to tell you about, she's a beauty queen with such a very unique story. so much so that president obama wanted to meet her in person in israel. >> yeah. we're going to hear from the first ethiopian born miss israel coming up. e's nothing better than salon color, full of beautiful highlights and lowlights. that's why nice'n easy builds dimension into every shade. so here's a challenge: love the gorgeous dimension of nice'n easy or we'll pay for a salon color. take the salon challenge, from nice'n easy. ♪ 'cause germs don't stick on me ♪ [ female announcer ] band-aid brand has quiltvent technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] quiltvent technology, only from band-aid brand. use with neosporin first aid antibiotic.
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welcome back. we can tell you now about a beauty queen with a story so compelling that president obama asked to meet her. >> they're from very different countries, different continents and decades apart in age, but they have a few things in common. they both share a rather unusual, nontraditional kind of backgrounds and unlikely rise to fame. >> yeah. >> nearly ten years after her arrival as an ethiopian immigrant in the holy grand, she gained worldwide attention when she was chosen as the first black miss israel. the 21-year-old beauty queen served in the israeli army and worked as a salesclerk in a clothing store before a friend entered her name in the contest.
within a matter of weeks she was invited to an exclusive 120-seat gala dinner for barack obama in honor of his first visit to israel as president. >> translator: i'm very excited to meet the two presidents, president shimon perez and president obama. they invited me because of an historical significance. for the first time an ethiopian is representing israel, and he is the first african-american ordered to lead. >> she was ordered to live with her grandparents when she was 12. obama has been one of her idols almost ever since. >> translator: i did a research project about him in high school. and i know he's a very powerful man, charismatic. and he achieved a lot on his own by virtue of the fact he believed in himself and this stuck with me. >> as miss israel 2013, there will be ceremonies and appearances galore for her this year. and she will be a contestant for miss universe.
>> translator: i was chosen, but because i made history as the first ethiopian, i feel i have to prove myself. i don't want to disappoint people that chose me. >> she often talks of her previous life as a child walking barefoot in ethiopia. and what she discovered in herself on her first visit back to her homeland. >> translator: i stood there as a girl who had finished the israeli army as an officer and thought how much a person can go through in nine, ten years. i learned a new language and culture, i've been to good places. i enlisted and trained people and returned as a totally different person. >> from the streets of ethiopia to the presidential gala in israel to the world stage. >> stunning inside and out. >> yes, she is, isn't she? she was crowned just three weeks ago too by the way. >> yeah. and of course you'll be watching for her again once the miss universe pageant comes around. remember the name, remember the face and the country in which
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onto canada now. a massive pileup on a road outside of edmonton alberta. >> a hundred people were hurt when car after car crashed into each other. this all happening in blinding snow. >> several 18-wheelers were also involved in that wreck. and more than 20 people had to be hospitalized. >> any one person fortunately suffering serious injuries. >> what a mess. all right. heading now to south korea where officials are doing an aboutface on a key detail surrounding a cyber attack. >> remember just yesterday we were saying south korean officials had said that wednesday's attack on 32,000
south korean computers and servers came from inside china, but today they reversed that saying that after a detailed analysis they have concluded that it did not come from china. >> officials say the attack did come from a "foreign land," but they did not name the country. >> oh, this video's amazing. a man in australia, a new father himself, says his instincts kicked in when a mom in a supermarket screamed that her baby wasn't breathing. he was checking out at the time. now, this guy was not formally trained in cpr, he'd done a couple of courses in school, he came rushing to the child's aid, cleared her airway, listened to instructions from paramedics over the phone and, yes, happy ending, savered the child's life. you see the father there in the red shirt who came in as well. that's the guy there in that scene. unbelievable. >> remarkable timing. >> they all met up later too. >> wow. all right. let's turn now to mexico and one politician's fight against allegations that she worked as an escort in las vegas.
>> not sort of allegation you want if you're running for office. we're talking about gis el banned from running for seat after accusations went public to aid mitting to modeling lingerie. >> she's taking her rival to court to get her campaign back on track. rafael romo has more. >> reporter: she's an aspiring mexican politician, an entrepreneur, 33-year-old giselle arellano has become a celebrity almost overnight in her country, but not the way she wanted to. >> you are watching -- >> reporter: right after she launched her campaign for a seat in congress, these pictures began appearing on social media. she says she posed for the lingerie photos as a favor to a friend promoting a party. her rival saw she worked as an escort in las vegas, something she categorically denies. >> translator: there has been a lot of speculation about my past
on social networks and in the media. i'm here before you because i have nothing to hide. my conscience is clear and i'm at peace with god. >> reporter: her critics also claim that her company, black rose concierge services, offers more than just concert tickets and restaurant reservations. >> translator: we provide services to tourists in vegas. there's nothing more to say. people have been misinterpreting this. >> reporter: arelleano has been running under the banner of the conservative national party and appearing to have vote from supporters especially women. >> translator: he who is without sin cast the first stone. i'm not going to judge. i think people should pay more attention to her abilities and talents. if she has what it takes, i think it would be good to have her in the party. >> reporter: arellano insists she has what it takes, a successful businesswoman who speaks five languages. [ speaking in a foreign language ] i speak english.
[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> rafael romo's here now to give us more on this. so where are we going from here? she still have a pretty good chance? >> she has a so-so chance. the primary election within her party was sunday. so that's over with. but what she's doing right now is her own party to get reinstated on the ballot. she says she was discriminated against, a victim of slander. and there's no proof she did what is alleged, she should be allowed to run. >> that's the right point. none of this has been proven, how does she get banned? on what ground? >> the mexican system is not banning her. what happened is her own party after learning of these allegations, this is the p.a.n., most conservative party in mexico, the party itself said because of the allegations we would not like you to run and essentially stopped her from running and took her name off the ballot. but again the general election is in july and she still has a
chance if the court system, the judicial system in mexico moves fast enough. >> so she's saying -- or they're saying she would simply be a distraction and maybe she needs to think about backing it up. >> i had an opportunity to speak with her. and what she was telling me is, listen, i am a very successful businesswoman. she has two companies in las vegas. she is very involved in the migrant community in nevada and also in california. so this is not like i decided to run for office overnight. she's very, very distraught, incredibly mad about the allegations and she says she's going to fight this to the end. >> keep us informed. good to see you, rafael. all right. leaders are on the move. we turn to the world travels of some major movers and shakers. >> they're all over the place. we begin now with news about that man there an your screen, the former president of pakistan, pervez musharraf wants to head home. >> he takes part in elections
coming up in may. pakistan had threatened to arrest him in connection with the assassination of a former prime minister. >> what happened was a court granted him bail on these accusations. the former military ruler has been living in self-imposed exile in britain and dubai. so because he's out on bail, he can come back. china's new leader takes his first official trip abroad as president, xi jinping has traveled to moscow. >> this highlights of course what is a special relationship between these two countries. trade at the top of the agenda. they spend millions and millions of dollars a year buying and selling from each other. the chinese leader heads to africa next. and google's top executive is making a rare visit to the world's least wired company, eric sh mitt is in myanmar. >> he called for a free and open internet. that in a country where few people even have cell phones. it's a scientists dream, a
new baby photo of the universe. >> it's beautiful too. we're learning that the universe is older than we thought. it was pretty old to begin with. >> yes, it was. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is [ angry gibberish ] the delightful discovery. the sweet realization that you have a moment all to yourself. well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™. splenda® no calorie sweetener. dad: you excited for day? ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪
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astronomers are very dpieted excited about a new picture of the universe. >> they're calling it a baby picture from the early years. it shows the universe is about 80 million years older than previously thought and a little fatter. >> still has the baby fat on it or had some baby fat. chad myers with us now. explain this remarkable photo and how it came to be and all that good stuff. >> i think remarkable is overused. overrated. so this picture to me is like
you looking at an mri. i don't know what i'm looking at, but to scientists that means something. that thing, that red, green, blue thing there means something. to them that means because we're expanding with the big bang too now these satellites, these telescopes can see farther and farther. the farther you see, the older those pictures are, like lightning. when lightning flashes, the sound comes five seconds for every mile. so now we're looking farther into the light into the future -- or into the past. it's like somebody that's 65 million years away from us -- lightyears away looking at earth and would see dinosaurs because dinosaurs are still alive. but now we can see farther and farther out there, we're seeing that, yeah, well, it was there then, it was there then, it was there then. and the galaxies as they started to explode are a little more lumpy than we thought. the universe is a little more stuff on that side, little less stuff on that side, some dark matter, dark energy pushing things away. >> how do we read this?
>> i don't know. looks to me like the earth has tendonitis. i don't know bha that means. >> but what does -- the universe is still expanding, isn't it? so how old do we think it is now? >> we think it's another 100 million years old. >> right. >> and you think that's kind of a lot, but in really in universe time that's not so much because you're thinking 13 million, the farther we see, the more we see, i think this is going to be a trend. we're going to see older and older things as we go on. because the telescopes are getting better, computers are getting better, we're able to see farther and farther. >> and the assessment also improving. >> there's a photo from that long -- you did a good job though. >> i tried. >> i was following you there. >> something about -- >> i lost you at chad. >> fantastic. thank you, chad. >> chad myers. i did follow him. >> i know you did. >> all right. coming up, turning trash into
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pictures there. >> oh, my goodness. about 20 people have been killed in fighting between muslims and buddhists. the trouble began on tuesday when a muslim gold shop owner argued with two buddhist sellers. >> long standing ining there i part of world. and the author "things fall apart" and many other books too. >> he won the international prize for fiction in 2007. achebe was 82 years old. from india now a story that set off a dispute with italy. an extraordinary tale. two italian marines accused of killing two indian fishermen last year have returned to new delhi to stand trial. >> they were allowed to go back to italy last month to vote in national elections and rome refused to send them back. their return diffuses diplomatic standoff now between the country. >> india wasn't letting the ambassador leave until all those guys came back. all right. it was 50 years ago today, you wouldn't remember this, that the beatles truly -- >> you're right, i wouldn't.
thank goodness. >> have a listen. ♪ >> memories. the debut beatles album called "please please me" released on march 22, 1963. you weren't even thought of then. >> wasn't even a thought. and it brought the world instant classics like "i saw her standing there," "love me do" and "twist and shout". >> and think of this happening today, took a mere nine hours and 45 minutes to record that entire monumental album. >> so to celebrate the 50th anniversary, a london auction house is putting some beatles artifacts on the block. whoa. >> among the items a first-pressing of "please please me" and a series of unpublished photographs of the fab four. 50 years? give me a break. >> unbelievable. very impressive. all right.
a kenyan artist -- you're going to find this impressive too, spent his life living across from a trash heap, turning garbage into something inspiring. >> he shows us how he gives in his words trash another life. >> we call it first look. as you can see the -- they are not heavy. they are very light. i'm cyrus. i'm an artist from kenya. the exhibition is called c-stunners. c is for cyrus. i don't use shortcut. i don't need machine to make my glasses. i only use my hands.
beads and metal, this one is call called m called mo quito. toipt i want to give trust another life. i'm showing how you can bring together and make something different. i'm an artist from kenya. i love nature. and this one way of saving our nature. >> what's your favorite pair? >> all of them. they're all my favorite. i'll show you how to make the glasses using maybe wire. you decide to use this thing. >> you can see they're intensely focused on the work that he's doing. they begin to see the potential of the material in so many
different ways. >> i think i might like make some more stuff when i get home. >> it will make me think, like, if i throw something away, it makes me think like what that could have been. >> i'm trying to show them how to give trash a second chance. >> thank you, cyrus. >> oh, how fun. the innovation that brought the smiles to the kids. >> yeah. it is truly art. >> neat people too. >> when we come back we're going to tell you about this tiny island nation and its impact on the economic world. >> we'll explain why so much is invested in cyprus. [ female announcer ] birdhouse plans. nacho pans.
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give you a bit more detail and perspective on the financial crisis in cyprus. >> lawmakers are trying to hammer out a way to save the nation's banking system. >> they're working on what they're calling a plan b, but as the sun goes down in cyprus, there is still no deal on the table. >> there have been huge protests, however, in the streets of the capitol and long lines at atms as people try to withdraw their cash. >> that's because the banks are being closed all week. there's a lot at stake. the european central bank has laid down monday as the deadline to hash out a plan or there will be hell to pay in the banking sector. >> so why do the financial
problems of little cyprus matter so much? >> tom foreman's going to tell us. >> how is this possible? how can tiny cyprus with just over a million people be rocking the economic world? two reasons, because it is an absolutely massive offshore banking center, and because it's become something of a battle front on the future of the eurozone. cyprus is of course a member of the eurozone. it uses the euro as its currency. and yet even though it's teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, it is so far rejected a bailout offer from the eurozone saying the terms of that deal are just too steep. specifically what the cypriots don't like is the idea that they would have to tax the bank accounts of their own citizens and those of foreigners in their country to help pay back this loan to bail them out. they don't like the idea of that at all. who's pushing it? we don't know where it came from, but we know a very strong eurozone member, germany, has been talking a lot about
accountability. the idea that if you have a bailout like this for cyprus there has to be some really strong participation from cyprus in paying it back. and maybe there's no other way for them to pay back. that is what has spurred so much talk about russia of all things. why russia? why would russia be so interested in all this? there's a historic connection between russia and cyprus, but importantly many, many russians have many, many millions of dollars in those cyprus banks as an offshore tax haven. enough so they may control half of the accounts there in cyprus. the russian government does not want that money lost to its citizens for investment in russia, for building in russia. so the idea has been floated that maybe russia will step in and find a way to help pay back the eurozone bailout if it comes to that. what are they getting in exchange? maybe some of the natural gas rights from cyprus in the future. no one really knows. this is all speculation at this point. but the mere fact that it is being speculated, the idea that
maybe a noneurozone member would be key to bailing out a member of the eurozone has made some people very uneasy about the future of the eurozone itself if that's the way it's going to go. and that is the reason that tiny, tiny cyprus is creating such very big waves. >> thank you so much tom foreman. turning wine into water, that's the mission of this former bartender. >> we're able to have such a huge lasting impact and it really, like you said, is quite simple. it's fixing a broken well or providing a simple water filtration system to a family and it changes their whole lives. >> his name is doc hemsley, i chatted to him earlier on cnn international. he wants to change lives by providing water for millions of people. fascinating. >> he's already making an impact. [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit did you know that 780 million people in the world don't have access to clean water? >> it's amazing in this day and age. it's true. but today is world water day, which is the u.n.'s attempt to draw attention to that very troubling fact. here's another fact for you. almost a third of the world's population doesn't have access to proper sanitation. a third. >> that is remarkable number. so earlier you spoke with someone who is trying to make a big impact. and he actually is. >> yeah. his name is doc hen li. there he is there. he's the founder of a group called wine to water. a former bartender w